Back Woes!


Good Saturday morning. (Please excuse the hair) I have a new webcam. With this one, I can move around the room to take pics or show live video, or aim the cam out the window at the lake, which is most foggy at the moment. I love it! You can view the live cam on the Live Cam page.

Yes, our backs are acting up. My lower back messed up getting into my car on Thursday, but not bad. Yesterday morning, Rich came up here to my office to tell me that his back almost slipped out while putting a coffee mug into the dishwasher. So off to the chiropractor we go.

Dr. Spell did us a world of good. We made it to dinner with the family to celebrate my MIL's birthday.

I had no problems during the night, but this morning the old back is catchy. Poor ole me!

We have plans to go to dinner tonight as well. I hope we make it.

May your back be strong and pain-free today. Take care.

Over and Out!


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