Off to Visit Gracie!


Good Sunday morning, everyone! The thumb is much better today. Back to its old self.

It's Sunday; our day to go see my MIL, Gracie. She turns 91 this Friday, the first day fo spring.

Where the body has let her down, Gracie's mind is still sharp. She keeps up with the news better than I do.

We had such a nice time with Don and Joy last evening. We hung out here at home, starting in the sunroom, where we talked and caught up with any news. Then, Joy and I headed to the living room, while the guys took took it downstairs to Richard's mancave. We girls watched a British detective show, while the men watched fishing experts do their thing.

Dinner was pizza. I love pizza! I allow myself to indulge once a week. Pure heaven!

Okay, do have a good Sunday. See you in the morning. Take care.

Over and Out!


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