Friday the 13th!


Good morning! You know, we have had several of these Fridays so far this year. No, I'm not superstitious, I just think it's kind of odd.

I slept like a log last night. Quite a switch from the night before. Feeling great this morning.

Yesterday, I finished reading Plug Your Book. I have a list of suggestions to check. One of them is to have business cards made. Should someone ask about my book, I can hand them a card with all my information. I like this idea, and plan to follow through.

I have a lunch date with my cousin, Colleen, today in Burlington. She is family, and a great friend. I look forward to our time together at The Village Grill. And this evening, Richard and I will travel to Greensboro to dine with friends at The Undercurrant Restaurant. Yea! I hope you have a wonderful Friday. Be safe. Take care.

Over and Out!


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