Good snowy morning to ya! I was not expecting this! Pretty. Speaking of pretty, here is a pic of Richard enjoying coffee with me in our sunroom. Nice outfit, huh?


The back is better, but still no cigar. I'll do my exercises with it today and probably return to Greensboro tomorrow to visit Dr. Spell.

I had the nicest phone call from a dear friend last night. Margie had just finished reading UNSEEN; she wanted to tell me how much she enjoyed it. Those words mean the world to an author. I still have the bighead!

All right. Enjoy your day. I wll be able to do abit of work this morning before I do some yoga and get ready to meet friends, along with Richard, at the Celtic Fringe here in Reidsville. Alice and Terry moved a few months back to the Raleigh area. We miss them. Hope they make it here.

Take care. Over and Out!

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